This is where I have gone above and beyond the requirements.

Photo editing: I have edited 6 photos and have 3 articles.
Talking graphics: I have an additional Voki on my page as well as 4 articles.
Screencasting: I have found 4 articles relating to using screencasting in the classroom.
Picture This Project: I have 2 additional photos and a Tagxedo.
Posters: I have 3 articles, I made an additional Wordle and a Collage.
QR codes: I have 2 additional QR codes.
Slideshows: I have 3 articles.
Assessments: I have a total of 4 articles and have 1 additional Google Form.
Interactive Whiteboards: I have 4 articles.
Communication Tools: I have pushed myself to find 2 lessons that I could use from Skype in the Classroom. I also have 4 articles.
Concept Maps: I found 4 articles.
Maps: I have 4 articles and a total of 5 maps.
Podcasts: I have 4 articles and 1 additional AudioBoo.
Movies: I have found 4 articles.
E-safety: I have 7 different websites.
Rubrics: I created a rubrics page.