In this video, they talk about various ways that Google Forms can be used in the classroom. I really like the idea of using it for textbook rentals/check outs at the beginning of the year. And of course all the ways you can use it for surveys/quizzes/tests.

In this next article, he discusses ways that he uses Google Forms in his own classroom to do homework. He used for math and the response rate from the students was really good. The students seemed to enjoy this and it was easy for him to compare scores and enter in grades quickly.
Using Google Forms for Homework

In this article it talks about a variety of ways that you can use Google Forms in the classroom. It can be used for comprehension questions, spelling tests, or just to get to know the class. You can pretty much use Google Forms for anything in the classroom!

Here is a slideshow that talks about the different uses of Google Forms. They give several examples of how you can use it. The options are endless!


I used Goggle Forms for this survey.I had never made a Google Form myself, but I have taken many, many surveys on them. I like using them to take surveys, but I also liked being able to create one myself. Viewing the results is great. There are so many ways to see the results displayed. It was very easy to use.

I created this poll using Poll Everywhere. It was the first time that I had ever used Poll Everywhere. It was very easy to create my poll, which was nice. I do not know if I would use this in the future; I prefer Google Forms. But it is nice knowing that there are various options to use.

I know that I will use Google Forms in my classroom. Depending on the grade I teach, my students might be too young to use it, but I think it would be great tool to use for parents. I could send out a beginning of the year survey asking the parents to tell me about their child. I would then also be able to compare the results and know ahead of time which students have similar interests and I might use that knowledge to select partners later in the year. Google Forms is a great tool.