This article gives 50 different ways to use Skype in the classroom. There are a lot of ways that I would have never thought to use it for. A class used it to connect and talk to authors of various books that they had read. If you were learning a foreign language, then you could talk to someone who spoke that language. This would be a really neat experience for the students to have.
50 Awesome Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom

In this article, they share more ideas about how Skype can be used in the classroom. You could use it for a virtual field trip if your school cannot afford to go on field trips or if you want to visit something that's too far away.

This Time article talks about Skype has become very popular in the classroom and how certain teachers are using it. It is a low cost tool for educators which is nice in low-income schools. The most common issues are "frozen screens and audio that fades in and out."

In this article it talks about some of the fun ways to use Skype in the classroom. You can find pen pals, have guest speakers, take field trips, or even chat with an author of a book you are reading in class. It also talks about tips to do when you are using Skype to make it the most enjoyable for the students.

I have used Skype many times, especially since I have been at college. I usually Skype with family and friends from back home. On Saturday, November 9th, I Skyped with my friend Tanner. Sometimes there are issues with our internet connection so the video freezes but if the connection is strong on both ends then there isn't a problem. I really enjoy being able to Skype with loved ones while I am away at school. It is a great new form of technology that a lot of people my age tend to take of advantage of.

My friend, Jessi, took a class in high school where there was not a teacher in it but instead they Skyped with a teacher and classroom in a different town. She enjoyed this class and I think that many schools will start having these classes, if they don't already. It is a great way to offer classes that fit everyone's interests.

I could use this Skype in the Classroom lesson on the ocean with first or second graders.

This guest speaker would be great for first and second graders during a unit on the ocean.

Skype is such an amazing form of technology that can provide so much for our students. I would definitely use Skype to get in contact with someone who spoke a foreign language. I want to incorporate some basic Spanish into my classroom and being able to Skype with someone whose primary language is Spanish would be great for the students.
Depending on the age of my class, I would like to have pen pals from a different country. We could then Skype with the pen pal class. This would be a very cool experience for the students and they would really enjoy it.