This website explains what concept maps are and how to use them in the classroom. There are few downloadable templates to use which is very convenient for teachers. It is a great resource to turn to get a better understanding of concept maps.

This website breaks down the steps needed to be taken in order to make a concept map. It is a great way to teach students how to make a concept map in an easy way. There are also some examples of concept maps on this website that you can reference.

This article I found on Inspiration and it explains in depth what a concept map is. It is a great resource when first introducing your students to concept maps. It talks about the benefits of using a concept map in the classroom.

This website is all about concept maps. There are step by step instructions for a teacher to create a concept map, to teach a concept map to children, rubrics, etc. There are so many great tools on this website when it comes to concept maps.




I used Inspiration to create this concept map. It is a really neat application that you can do so much on. It was fairly easy to use and was fun to play around on and see all the things that you could do. Students would like using this.

Concepts maps are great for classroom. They can be used in so many situations. I would have students turn one in when submitting a paper. It shows some of their research and would be great for the younger elementary grades. You could also have students make a concept map and then present it to the class instead of writing a paper.