This article gives a really good explanation of what desktop publishing is and how to go about teaching and creating publications in the classroom. There was a list of several questions that students should ask themselves when designing and I thought that this would be very helpful when students are working on publications.Desktop Publishing Skills in the Classroom

On this site, there are various projects that students in Mrs. Sheets' classroom have designed. This shows what students are doing and how they are using desktop publishing in the classroom. There are some good ideas on there that you could show your students or have them select some that have been made and make them unique to them. Desktop Publishing Projects


Newsletter 1.jpg

This a newsletter I made for my future classroom.

This is a story I made using Story Jumper. It is an easy to use website that allows you to make books online. Students would really enjoy using this website to create their stories.

I would definitely use desktop publishing to make monthly newsletters to send home with my students for their parents or post them online for parents to see. They are very easy to make and do not take very long but it is a good source of information in one location for the parents.
If I was working with older grades, I would have the students all design their own newsletter but each student would have a different topic that they would research. I could assign a different president to each student and then they could make their newsletter be all about their president.