1. This YouTube video is targeted for K-3 grade. It is all about internet safety. It was pretty cheesy but I think young kids might like it and would learn a lot from it. It has the basics of internet use. I would use this video when the students were first starting to use the internet in class (kindergarten or 1st grade). I would show this at the beginning of the year to stress the importance of being safe on the internet.

2. On this blog, it gives a full lesson plan on teaching internet safety to kindergarten. It would be a great resource to use when starting internet use or even a refresher in the middle of the year. I would follow this lesson plan because it would be great for the students and they would understand to safe and careful on the internet.

3. This website gives 17 different videos explaining internet safety. They can be used from kindergarten to 12th grade. It is a video series about not only internet safety, but digital citizenship as well. I would use this at the start of each grade and throughout the year to get the students educated on internet safety.

4. This website has a great video all about being safe on the internet! There are opportunities to pause the video and discuss a question with the class. I would use this in 2-4th grade when students are starting to really use the internet. I would definitely pause the video at the designated times and then have a class discussion at the end of the video. I want my students to feel safe while they are using it and to not be afraid.

5. This website has different resources for internet safety specific for each elementary grade. Depending on the grade I am teaching I would use the links found under that grade. I might use this resources towards the end of the school year as preparation for the summer months when there isn't always direct supervision while children are on the internet.

6. This is step by step lesson plan for internet safety. What a fabulous lesson to use in the kindergarten classroom. There are learning objectives too! I would use this towards the end of the year when students are starting to use the computer and internet. It teaches a lot of computer basics: the dos and don'ts.

7. This website has numerous links to various topics such as cyberbullying, internet safety, copyright use, etc. and it is specific for different grades. Once you click on a link then you can find a lesson plan for that topic. It even address the common core standards. This is a great resource to be used at anytime throughout the year and with any early elementary grade!