In this video, a teacher talks about how she uses Smart board in the classroom. She teaches social studies and science so it allows her to look at maps in a more interactive way than just staring at a textbook. The students seemed to be enjoying using the Smart board because they were able to actually come up to it and move things around.

In the article Five Ways that Smart Boards are a Smart Choice in the Classroom they talk about getting students engaged in the lesson by using a Smart Board. Teachers do not have to "grow eyes in the back of their heads" with a Smart board because they do not need to turn around to write on a white board, instead they can have students manipulate the information that the teacher already put up on that page.

This is from the Waukesha School District that uses Smart board in their classroom. They talk about the benefits and various research that has been done with Smart board. Overall the benefits are great.

This article gives a nice description of what a Smart board is and how to use it in the classroom. They explain that students of all ages can use it as well as teachers of various technology skills. It can be used for any subject.


For one of my presentation in our arts and communication block, I used a slideshow presentation and added some interactive white board components in it. The students had to come up to the board and move around different parts of the sentence, adding commas where necessary. It was an easy activity to make for the Smart board and the students in my class seemed to enjoy it.
My sister teaches first and second grade and she has a Smart board in her classroom. I have manipulated premade worksheets she has made for the Smart board while I am there. She does her agenda for the day on it and I have updated that. She also teaches her math lessons with the Smart board and I have helped update the information for that lesson and then worked with the students during math time while using the Smart board. In one activity, the students had to pop different balloons to try and come up with the right answer to a math problem. The students really enjoyed doing this.

I think that Smart boards are amazing. I only hope that my future classroom/school has Smart boards. There are so many different ways to incorporate it in a lesson. I would use them for attendance/lunch when the students first got to school. This way everyone gets a chance to practice with the board and has the chance to use it. I would also use it for math lessons. Interactive maps would be so helpful for learning, so showing a map of the United States and having the students come up and label every states capital would be one way to get the students involved and make them participate.