In this article a teacher explains how the students read a story and made it into a movie. The process of editing a movie and sequencing each scene is similar to the writing process of editing and revising your work. It is great for students to work on and see this connection. Students will be very proud of their final product after it is published and the students will have a lot of fun working on it.
In this article they talk about how to easy various video editing programs in the classroom. One option is Animoto. It is really easy to use and great for students. There are also common craft video projects that students can make. You just use simple paper cut outs and simple dialogue to explain. Students would have a lot of fun with this.

On this site, it talks about the benefits of letting students make movies in the classroom. It can be an alternative to writing a formal paper, which would give students choice and appeal to the different learning styles.

On this website, the teacher talks about how she using movie making in her classroom using Flip cameras, Audacity, and iMovie. Students love being creative and by making movies students learn a different way to use technology but still show what hey have learned. On the site there are different videos to watch to get a better understanding.

Video made from Photobooth on a Mac.

Video recorded directly off of YouTube.

Photostory of the Price is Right Live made from a PC.

Movies are super easy to make and can be a lot of fun! Students would enjoy making them and being able to edit and publish a video. I would have students read a book and then make a book talk or movie preview explaining their book and trying to get others to read it. I would have them use either Photobooth or Photostory. It would be a lot of fun to watch all the videos as a class once they are complete.