In this article, they discuss the importance fo using photography in the classroom. It allows students to have a hands on approach and express themselves in a different way. Students can not only learn how to use a camera and practice taking multiple pictures, but they can then edit and create a new picture that way.
Photography in the Classroom

In this article, there are numerous links and websites for different image editing software. There are also explanations on what each website does. It is a great resource for any teacher. There are many sites that I had never heard of.
Tools for Image Editing and Visualization

A video about how using technology in the classroom and how it is constantly changing. It is a great tool for teachers and students.

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I love being creative when it comes to images. I really enjoyed editing my photos and had a fun time with it. One of the websites that I found that had numerous resources is a site that I know I will definitely use in my future teaching career. I want my students to express themselves and be creative in new ways everyday.
In the classroom, even kindergarteners would be able to use a camera and take photos. We could go outside and have each student take a few pictures of the nature around our school. Then I would have each child edit a photo along with a keep a nice picture that they took. We could use that to decorate our classroom and show off during an open house of the school.