In this article there are several examples of podcasts that you can view/listen to made by students. There a variety of topics that the podcasts are about. It would be fun for students to listen to other students in the podcasts.
This article is great at explaining what a podcast really is. It also talks about the benefits for students for creating a podcast, such as developing and improving literacy skills. Overall a great source about podcasts.
This is a wiki type website where the creator is a teacher. In this link she is talking about podcasts. One way to use them would be to read aloud stories. There are podcasts where famous children's books authors are interviewed.

In this article, it talks about how students from my hometown are using podcasts that they post on iTunes for the whole world to hear about their projects in seventh grade. This is more engaging and motivating for students if they are producing something that millions of people have the possibility to hear.

You can find my welcome podcast on my HOME page.

Lecture made on Audacity. This takes some time to get used to. If you have the time to play around on it then it isn't too bad.

Voki- super easy to use and a ton of fun! Anyone would love customizing and playing around with Voki

Audio Boo- I really enjoyed using this. It was extremely easy to use and it is kind of fun being able to add a picture.

Podcasts are a great too. in the classroom. I would have my students create a podcast on a book they read instead of giving an oral book talk in front of the class. This way others can view it at different times. Students would enjoy doing this project and could then share it with their parents or family with a link online. They can be used at any age and I plan to use podcasts my classroom in the future.