In this article, "50 Ways to Use Wordle" it talks about various ways to use Wordle in the classroom. You could have each student write their top 10 strengths down and then transform that into a Wordle. The students could come up with a list of classroom rules and then that could be made into a Wordle. Each student could make their own and they would all still be different. This article has a lot of great ideas for the classroom.

This article talks about more ways that Wordle can be used in the classroom. It could be used for self-reflection at the end of the year and the students can reflect on what they have learned. It could also be used for survey results, if you would happen to conduct one in class.

In this article, it talks about how to use Tagxedo in the classroom. They also suggested to use it for an all about me at the beginning of the year. You could use them for visual representations of poetry that the students created. There are many ways that Tagxedo can be used in the classroom.


I made this graphic using Wordle. It was extremely easy to use! You just enter in your text, change the color, and change the font. It is as simple as that. I had to screenshot my Wordle, then I copied that image into a document and was then able to upload it.


I made this poster using Tagxedo. It was very easy to use. First I entered in the words that I wanted to use then was able to customize the color, shape layout, orientation, etc. I really enjoyed using this website and will definitely use it again in the future.

I made this interactive poster using Glogster. It is a unique program where you can write notes, upload pictures and videos.It is not the easiest thing in the world to use but the end product is very nice. I embed the Glogster onto the page by using the widget tab.

I made this collage using a website called Collage. It was really easy to use and I am really glad how it turned out! I know that I will for sure use this website again because of the various options you have with tweaking the look of your collage and all the options of where you can pull the pictures from (Facebook, computer, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).

Creating this different posters was a lot of fun. Any student would enjoy this.
One way that I could use these posters in my kindergarten classroom would be to have them make collage. It was very easy to make. First the students could go outside and take different pictures with a partner or in a small group. Then they could upload the pictures and then make a collage. I think that the students would really enjoy the final product of the collage.