In this article, Monica Burns talks about different ways that using QR codes in the classroom can be beneficial. It is an easy way to send students directly to a specific link or article. Students wouldn't have to spend a long time trying to type in a long url where they could easily make an error. It is also an easy thing to make that can be a nice way to change up your normal classroom routine.
How QR Codes Can Make a Difference in the Classroom

In this article, Charity Preston talks about how she uses QR codes in her classroom. She made a mystery picture puzzle that the only thing that a student would need would be a mobile device (iPad, iPod Touch, etc.). She explains how it is time consuming to prepare it all but then you can reuse for years after which would save you time overall and it is a different, fun activity for students.
QR Codes in the Classroom


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Here are some QR codes that I made using QR Code Generator.


I think that QR codes are a great use of technology and can be used by students of all ages and all students would enjoy using this form of technology. I want to teach in the younger grades, so I would use QR codes more for my parents to remind them of updates and important dates. I could print this out and hang it by my classroom door. I could put the classroom supplies list in a QR code and hang that by the door so when parents come in for an open house before school starts they would be able to access that then. This way when they are out shopping for supplies, they have the list right there on their phone rather than the piece of paper with the information sitting on the kitchen counter. QR codes are a great resource for the classroom.