-Screencasting is a recording of visual output on a computer screen which usually includes audio.

In this article, they give you a basic overview of what screencasting is, how to use it, why it is beneficial, and how it is being used in the classroom. It is a very informative article. Screencasting allows students to move at their own pace, on their own terms. It is a great way to model any idea to students.

This article talks about a Chemistry class using screencasts. The teacher said that they were a whole month ahead on lessons compared to the previous year without screencasts. The students are more in control of their of learning and education. The teachers are spending more time preparing the videos but they say that they are students are learning far more than they were before.

In this article, it talks about a teacher how uses screencasts for homework. He posts them online and then makes students answer questions online about the screencast they just watched. The screencasts are the teacher explaining an idea or concept. One benefit is that the student can watch it as many times as they like to help their understanding or until they can understand it completely. One bonus the teacher said was if you screencast the entire year's lessons, then you can reuse them years after, saving you time and energy.

This article is about how using screencasts at home is extremely beneficial for students. The students can view the screencast at home and it then provides guidance for homework or a project. Parents would then have a better understanding of what is being learned in the classroom and how they can then help [[#|their children with]] their homework.

I will show you how to use screencasting.


Screen casting might be a little tricky for kindergarteners, but for some older kids, they could use screencasting to demonstrate how to use a Voki and explain that to the rest of the class. I would assign small groups of kids to various websites and then they would have [[#|to create a]] screencast of how they would use that [[#|website]] and show the screencast to the rest of the class.