This article talks about a variety of different tools you can use to create PowerPoints/slideshows rather than just using Power Point on Microsoft. It is nice because there is a small description about each one. I didn't realize there were so many different sites just to make a slideshow.
A List of 20 Ideas for Slideshows

In this PowerPoint, they talk about why using PowerPoint is important and various things you can do with it in the classroom. If it is fun and engaging then the students are more likely to pay attention. If it is just a white background and black text, with a lot of text, then the students are far less likely to pay attention during your presentation.
Power Point in the Classroom

In this article, it talks about using Prezi in the classroom. They talk about the benefits of it and how it might be challenging for students to use for the first time but if the teacher walks them through it and shows an example it will be much easier.

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I loved that these students put together a picture slideshow for their teachers. This would be a great way to thank a student teacher or a helper in the classroom. You could also use this after a field trip or special day at school. Then you could make a copy for each student so that they could share it with their parents or it could be posted online for the parents to see as well.