I found a lesson plan on using Voki with students to motivate them to do multiplacation. It is a new, fun way for the students and it might actually get them excited about math, and specifically learning! The students will enjoy being able to create their own Voki while still doing math.
Voki and Multiplication

This is a blog about a teacher having her students use Voki in their classroom. The students get to try something new and present their information in a different way than what they are accustomed to. The students can express their creative side.
Voki Blog

This article talks about using Fotobabble in the classroom. First it gives a good description of Fotobabble and different things you can do with it. Then it goes on to explain various ways to use Fotobabble in the classroom. It has some great ideas!

In this article, it talks about how one teacher is using Fotobabble in her classroom. She gives some nice ideas on how to use and includes some age ranges as well.


Fotobabble is super easy to use. I like that you can add any picture and talk about that picture or use a picture of yourself like I did.

Voki is so much fun! Students of any age would love making their own Voki. There are so many ways to customize it just for you. It was very easy to use and move around the website.


There are many ways that talking graphics can be used in the classroom. Even at an early age, children would enjoy using talking graphics. They can design a fun character using Voki and have the character talk about what they like to do while on vacation or students can use Fotobabble and use their own voice to explain what they like to do on vacation with their family. They are super easy to use and are a lot of fun!